5 Best Ways to Secure Your Home

Humans are always looking for better ways to protect our property, assets and family and for good reasons. Ever since property and belongings have been in play, our species have developed intricate mechanisms to improve home security and that way we can achieve our security goals. This millennial practice is still very much alive today, as we constantly try to find new ways to protect our home, assets, vehicles, businesses and information. Home security may the best way to sum it all up. Home security requires everyone’s participation because like the saying says: we are only as strong as our weakest link. Take a look at the tips below to make sure you keep your house safe while keeping everyone involved.

 Secure Entrance Doors

 Your main door and other access doors such as backyard and patio doors should be secured with sturdy locks. These are the most obvious ways to break into your home, and rest assured burglars and criminals will try to access your home through there first. Most break ins occur because of a weak lock on either the main or back entrance so make sure you avoid this basic mistake and equip both these entrances, and any other main one, with a suitable lock.

 Check Additional Access Points

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Once you secure your main doors with sturdy locks you need to check other access points. Large windows are a burglar favorite, so make sure you secure your window with locking devices that cannot be easily by passed. Smaller windows are perfect to open bigger access points, so make sure even your small windows such as the ones found in basements are secured with heavy locks.

 Family and Home Security

Involve all your family members regardless of age in home security discussions. That way they will be aware of the security methods in place, while learning to pay attention to detail. Get into good habits like using keybowls and not sharing keys or key stashes with people outside of your household.


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Most homes are victimized by burglars and thieves when they are empty. Set up a surveillance system to make sure burglars do not target your home security systems. Surveillance systems serve two major purposes. The first one is to fend off burglars: criminals are less likely to target a home that is being surveilled, so just the fact of having one set up can save you a major headache. If worse comes to worse surveillance systems provide clues to police officers to cut to down investigation time and easily identify the criminals.

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