5 Things You Need a Safe For

Safety is a growing concern and it should be everybody’s top priority. The best way to protect your house, vehicle and commercial establishment is to install locks, and consulting with a qualified professional about what other security methods you should put in place. Although everyone has valuables at home, there are selected items that should simply be stored in a safe no matter what. This will guarantee their safety and give you the peace of mind and reassurance that these items will not be tampered with. Burglaries happen when you least expect them so make sure you take a look at the list below and make sure you store these items properly.



Precious stones jewelry

All pieces of jewelry should be kept locked in a secure safe. By jewelry we refer to precious stones and metals. Beautiful pieces of jewelry are designed out of alternate metals now a days, so make sure you separate them into categories and keep the valuables locked up and your not-so-valuables but still very important pieces out for show. They may even work as a decoy and fool potential burglars and thieves.

Cash & other valuables

It is not recommended to have large sums of cash in your home because it may be in danger of being robbed. If you absolutely have to have large amounts of money in cash in your home make sure you have them stored in a sturdy safe. Banks are always a smart idea to put away your money, but if you still like having a healthy cash flow at hand’s reach at least keep it safe so nobody can take advantage of it.

 Expensive art pieces & décor


Metal flower art-piece

Art and artifact lovers understand what we mean. If you have an expensive piece of artwork (painting, sculpting, photography, or any other kind of art really) make sure you keep it under a heavy lock in a dependable safe. Pieces of art and decor are among burglar favorites so keeping them under a lock can save you a lot of suffering in the future.

 Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms can be anything from jewelry right down to cutlery and everything in between. They may or may not be of great monetary value, but are certainly loaded with history and sentimental value. Make sure you keep all heirlooms that are close to your heart in a safe place as they are the only thing money will not be able to replace.

 Property and legal papers


Deed papers

Lastly, make sure you keep house deeds and other documents in a safe to prevent any fraudulent activity. You may also put any other personal document that can be falsified or tampered with just to have that extra precaution in place.

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