Symbolism of Locks

Symbolism of locks

Locks are millennial inventions and have been around as early as Egyptian and Assyrian times. They have played a vital role in security and have acquired symbolic meanings with time. Both locks and keys are very popular in pop culture and are featured in many books, novels, songs, movies, photographs, paintings, poems, sculptures and other art forms. They hold a lot of meaning for an item we use day to day, and can have both good and bad connotations. Take a look at the meanings below for a brief description of the symbolism of locks.



Symbolism of Locks

Locks Keep Something Or Someone Safe

Safety And Security

First and foremost, obviously locks represent security and safety. Locks were designed to safeguard and protect items, places and even people, so their natural meaning would be to keep something or someone safe. Books, paintings, movies and other artforms usually depict locks as a symbol of safety for something or someone very valuable to one or more of the main characters.





Locks are also symbols of mystery as they are usually put in place to restrict and control access. This means there is something valuable or a secret locked away. Curiosity is one of the strongest human feelings, and the mystery hidden behind locks have stirred humans for centuries upon centuries. Hidden areas locked with padlocks and other types of locks are usually associated with treasure and valuable items, which in turn are surrounded by dark stories and mysterious circumstances.


Symbolism Locks

Two Locked Hearts


Arguably a good symbols, locks are also used to symbolize and portray love. When they were first invented locks were a symbol of wealth and success, often being designed with custom engravings and encrusted with precious gems. The symbol of love surges from this particular time, where being in love, or in possession of love if you will, was a greater treasure than any other one you could find.




Symbolism of Locks

Locks Are Used To Keep People Locked Up In Designated Areas


One of the not so good symbols locks can portray is that of imprisonment. Although it is a painful part, imprisonment is still a part of reality and locks are used to keep people locked up in designated areas. Dark poems and literary works by authors such as Edgar Allan Poe often included rusty locks and keys as important elements of their macabre stories.






Access To What Is Forbidden.

Locks are also a great symbol for forbidden areas, items and actions. Sometimes the contents of locked areas are not secret, but are just kept locked for safety reasons. In this case keys would be the best counter to this symbol as it often means “access to what is forbidden”.


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